Dybbuk Movie Review: Emraan Hashmi, Nikita Dutta film has zero chills

Emraan Hashmi’s horror flick Dybbuk is low on horror quotient. Directed and written by Jay K, the film released today, October 29, on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video dropped the new horror film, Dybbuk, on October 29. Directed by Jay K, the horror-thriller is the official remake of the 2017 Malayalam film, Ezra, which starred Prithviraj Sukumaran and Priya Anand in the lead roles. Dybbuk stars Emraan Hashmi and Nikita Dutta in lead.

Nikita’s Mahi, who is still overcoming a miscarriage, decides to decorate her house, which is an old villa, with a heritage theme. She visits the local antique shop and chooses to buy an old wine cabinet, which is actually a dybbuk. Of all the beautiful artefacts at the antique shop, not sure why Mahi would choose the uninspiring and dull dybbuk box. That, in itself, is a mystery, which was not solved in the film.

In Jewish folklore, a disembodied human spirit, due to his past sins, wanders restlessly until it possesses the body of a living person. Belief in such spirits was especially prevalent in 16th and 17th-century Eastern Europe. Dybbuk comes from the Hebrew word dibbuq which means the act of sticking. Reading about Jewish folklore intrigues fans of horror films but the Emraan Hashmi-starrer fails to get its viewers hooked.

The story of Dybbuk is low on horror, hackneyed with done-to-death jolts. The film is predictable with many twists that one has seen before in Hollywood horror films. Well, the audience, who love watching horror flicks, could start ticking boxes, while watching Dybbuk. Creepy maid – check, ghost crawling under the blanket – check, and, of course, flying humans – check.

The cast includes Emraan Hashmi, Nikita Dutta, Manav Kaul and Denzil Smith in pivotal roles. Emraan, who has been part of numerous horror films, was well-versed in his role. Nikita, as Mahi, was mostly seen staring in the film. We would have loved to see more of her. Manav Kaul, who is a brilliant actor, tried hard to convince us as the rabbi.

If only our Internet speed and response time was as fast as the dybbuk, which greets its victims with instant chaos around, breaking mirrors and swinging wooden toys! If you have some time to spare this weekend, you can opt for this horror film, which might help you get some sleep. The dissatisfied soul of the dybbuk box will definitely leave the audience dissatisfied.

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